Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bracket, of course. (I'm terrible at these. Only read for laughs and to make yourself feel better.)

Free advice! Worth every penny!

Full disclaimer: I've barely had a chance to watch any hoops this year, am a homer, a Big East propagandist, and haven't done well in a pool since, well, the last time UCONN won the championship. And, prior to that, my greatest success was the prior UCONN championship. You would have to be a grade-A fool to take anything I say about college basketball as anything more than pie-eyed ravings.

That said, following are my Stone. Cold. Locks. (Need a punchy animation with some dramatic music for that.)

Lock: UCONN v. Duke in the West Regional Final. The West has been good to us historically, but I don't have a good feeling about the match up this year. Still, I'll take UCONN in my bracket.

Lock: St. John's out of the Southeast. That's right: St. John's, the 6. BYU is hamstrung. And, Florida is a 2?

Lock: Pitt will disappoint again. It won't be in the round of 64, but it will be Butler, or Wisconsin, or St. John's (see above). Pitt always blows it.

I freely admit I have no idea who will win it. I should probably pick Duke, but I can't, as you saw above. I am probably picking all the wrong Big East teams for reasons of subconscious bias. In addition to my "real" bracket, when I do some fun league ones, I will almost certainly have a different winner in each, and even the Final Fours are fungible. (Probably not the exact word I'm looking for there, but it's fun to say. "Fungible.")

1 comment:

  1. Quick check on my Stone. Cold. Locks.
    (1) Time will tell.
    (2) Not so stone, cold, or locked. Fail.
    (3) This was easy as taking candy from a baby: Pitt's collapse was as predictable as the sunrise, I just forgot to adjust for DST when filling out my brackets, had them falling in the next round.


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