Sunday, October 29, 2000

Missing Jai-Alai

I miss Berenson's. Milford is pretty far and the closest thing Rhode Islanders have is a casino in Newport that shows simulcasts of jai-alai action from Florida and Milford.

Saturday, October 28, 2000

Dance With The One That Brung You Politics | Unsafe in any state: revisiting the argument that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. It's still crap. If Gore wants those votes, maybe he should figure out why Nader is getting them to begin with. I don't want to see Bush appoint another Scalia or Thomas to the Supreme Court; however, I think it's worse in the long run to argue that our country doesn't need a change from the two-party system, that a third party is a waste of time, that a Bush or a Gore is the best we can hope for ... let's face it, sacrificing Nader on Gore's altar just sets the stage for doing the same thing every four years ad infinitum. The Republican candidate is always going to be crypto-fascist bullethead and it's never going to be "safe" to vote for a true progressive. If we get Bush as a result, then we get what we deserved and maybe Alec Baldwin will get the last laugh as he jets off to Paris.

What's In Your 401(k), Glass House Dweller Politics | Inside Nader's stock portfolio: Does it really make sense to slam Nader for owning shares of Magellan? For one, mutual funds change positions all the time. Magellan may own Occidental Petroleum one day and not the next. For another, I'm not entirely convinced it's hypocritical to own stock in a company you criticize. People who own stock in a company get to vote at shareholder meetings and can influence the direction of a company. Plus, by accepting dividends, an opponent of a company's strategy can argue they are using the company's profits against them. (Yeah, so these are somewhat specious arguments, still ... c'mon, is anyone seriously arguing that Gore or Bush are less beholden to corporate interests?)

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Improved Casting

This would have been so much cooler if it had been "Mr. T and the Women."

"That crazy foo' Murdoch drugged me and threw me on a plane! I'll kill the foo'! What's with all you women and y'r jibba-jabba? Foo'!"


More about the Attleboro Cult and leader Roland Robidoux.

Nearby Cult

About a local group of religous nutjobs: Attleboro Cult. Mega and I ride up to Attleboro on Tuesdays to go to the Newbury comics in the mall. They've been in the news lately (the cult, not Newbury Comics) as dead kids have started turning up.

Lesser Of Two

I'm still not paying much attention to the World Series, but I have decided which team I want to lose more ... the Yanks. It was tough because of the Sox history with the Mets, but these Mets aren't the '86 Mets and the Yankees are still the Yankees. Despise them both, but my dislike for the Yanks is more deeply held and enduring. Never thought I'd say it ... go Mets.

Sunday, October 22, 2000

Drunken Master

Almost forgot to mention: seeing "Drunken Master" on the big screen was awesome! What a great movie. The theater I saw it in Friday night (Providence Place Mall) didn't sell out ... what a shame. I hope word of mouth helps bring more people out to see it. The crowd I saw it with was vocal in their delight.

Beautiful Country

These last couple days have been the kind that make people name autumn their favorite season. The leaves are turning and dropping. The air is cool and dry. I've been driving back forth on the Mass Pike and Route 6 between Hartford and Providence and, not to wax New England-o-philic, it's beautiful country around here.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

And That's A Good Thing

Latest addiction: Red Bull. Tastes like crunched up Flintstones vitamins injected into a vat of dissolved Super Keep You Up All Night Truck Driver Caffeine pills.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Lonely Planet Boy

Lonely Planet Boy review. Mike's the guy that runs the fantasy football league I'm currently getting slaughtered in. Now he's like a famous musician.

Doing It Wrong

Peter over at I Shoot With My Mind seems to have met a chiquita in Beantown. Hmmm. There's a Starbucks right across the street from the World Trade Center where I'm at all day. I must be doing something wrong.


By the way, the new Cinerama album is quite good.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Calexico Thanks To Magnet

I don't listen much to the radio for music. DJs drive me insane with their idiotic jibba-jabba and the music sucks. (Occasionally, way over at the left of the dial, I can tune in something decent for a while, but those stations fuzz out everytime I drive more than 10 miles in any one direction.) So, when I wanted to get some new albums to listen to in the car, I started flipping through the mags at Borders and Magnet Magazine caught my eye. (The Steve Earle cover currently displayed wouldn't have done it, last issue was Ween with Billy Bragg, the Mekons, Wire, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, and Belle & Sebastian in big print.) The Calexico album I picked up based on the review turned out to be really good.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

People Are Dirtbags

Speaking of the curse, somebody crunched my door in the parking garage yesterday. Didn't leave a note. Man, that burns me.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Run Down

In a more perfect world, when I sit down to write a blog post on minimal sleep, a coffee-fueled caffeine jag, and with the lingering sharp pains and dull aches that result from a 2 hour bus trip, the result would be some kind of Kerouac-ian beat poetic blurb about something relevant. Instead though, I can barely remember by the end of a sentence what I started out trying to say way back at the beginning. Something about the different way you perceive the world when your basic sustenance is Pemmican jerky scraps washed down with Red Bull soda maybe? What's been going on in the world while I've been stumbling from bed to bus to job to bus to bed? Debates: too tired to watch 'em. TV show premieres: ditto. Playoffs: I flip blearily between ESPN and Bloomberg from 5:45am to 6:00am -- the damn yanks advanced and NASDAQ is declining, the world's going to hell. I can't sleep on the bus, so I try to read instead. I'm hip deep in Crowley's Little, Big. It's OK, but I'm looking forward to a new book when I'm done with it. Music: been listening to Calexico's new album and like it a lot. Also, the new Knopfler -- getting Van Morrison to sing with him was a good idea ... James Taylor though was not. What else? Umm, moving into the new apartment, finally, this weekend. Once in, I can go back to getting decent sleep and start doing something calisthenic in the morning. The only exercise I get now is trying to find room for my legs when the guy in front of me on the bus reclines his seat. If my heart rate goes over 40bpm, it's only because when I slip into a half-waking dreamstate I think I'm running late and need to run after the bus or face the prosepect of driving through the Big Dig to try to find the office.
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