Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday X-Posting

Items recently shared on my Google Reader page include:
  • A note about the baptist church picketing George "the profane atheist" Carlin's funeral via the New Humanist.
  • A reminder that Angle Season 1 is now on
  • A note about the Hartford Courant (America's oldest continuously published daily paper) cutting newsroom staff and number of pages devoted to news.
  • A clip about the guy from the underappreciated "New Amsterdam" moving on to a new show that is apparently going to be a series of something's-gone-wrong-on-the-holodeck episodes of TNG via Sci-Fi News.
  • And a nice little clip of one of Obama's advisors reducing Laura Ingraham to a demented harpy. Well, even more of a demented harpy than she normally is, via News Hounds.
And on a personal note, I've got a bunch of pictures up at flickr of our day trip to Carver, MA where the littl'uns got to meet their favorite train.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


No Shit, Sherlock: Guy Ritchie Reimagines Holmes - The Screengrab
I'm not philosophically opposed to reimagining Sherlock Holmes either. I loved 'Zero Effect'.

Ritchie I think is perfect for a Sherlock Holmes reimagining. I can't think of a better Holmes for this purpose than Jason Statham. That would so rock. Heck, the fella what played Turkish's little brother in Snatch could be his Watson. Keep it in the Ritchie stable.
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