Saturday, August 25, 2001


Here's how you don't want to spend your Saturday morning: holding your nose with one hand a wielding a mop with the other as you try to clean puke off the floor, rug, walls, shower curtain, and toilet bowl in your newly christened (no pun intended) vomitorium.

Thursday, August 23, 2001


Oh, what a tough loss for the kids from Oceanside in the Little League World Series tonight. Danny ("The Little Unit") Almonte pitching for the Bronx got all the props, but Oceanside's Eukovich pitched a great game as well. If the second base ump hadn't blown the call (Guava missing second base), they might still be playing. Nevertheless, it was a great game. The coaches, kids, and even the parents showed class in not whining about the blown call and talking instead about how fun the game was ... despite being goaded by ESPN's punk reporter on the field -- not Alvaro Martin (who did a great job), the other guy, the shiftless bastard who wanted to generate some controversy in a game that just didn't need any.

Driving back from Nhan's (Jennifer's got a good little cook in that boy!) after the game, Nate and I were talking baseball (dissolve the Devil Rays and Expos, do away with wild card, etc...) and I had to shamefully admit that I've lived most of my life in the Northeast yet have never been to Cooperstown. Nate's from Utah, lived two years in Argentina, is seven years younger than I am, and he's already been. I need to make a list of 5 or 10 things I need to do by the end of next summer at the latest and make sure that's right near the top.
Five Sports Related Things I Need to Do Before the End of Next Summer (Rough Draft):

1. Go to Cooperstown

2. Go to ballgames at McCoy (Pawsox), Camden Yards, and Keyspan (Brooklyn Cyclones)

3. Go to Springfield with every intention of going to the basketball Hall of Fame, but stop at a local pub instead, get all tanked up until it's too late to get in, and take a leak on the back of the building.

4. Find out if there is a hockey Hall of Fame and, if so, head down to the pub and drink myself into stupor until I can't remember anymore if there is or isn't, then never think about it again

5. Go to a Huskies game other than the annual December 23rd tilt against Fairfield at the Civic Center

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Willington Pizza

Another weekend down. Back to work tomorrow. It just ain't right.

How'd the weekend go, you ask? Friday sucked, don't even go there. Saturday was a two parter: leg one was the drive to Glastonbury for a picnic with the fam, leg two was the trek up to W. Springfield to take the youngest bro and a couple of his boys to see Disturbed Theatre, a sketch comedy troupe who were OK, but have a long way to go to reach the level of The Reduced Shakespeare Co. -- a show I'd highly recommend if they're ever in your area. The DTs have a little cutie in the company, but my luck dictates that the part of the show that involves their mingling with audience featured a balding, chubby, sweaty guy rubbing up on me. Insult after injury. At least they served Spaten in the lobby.

You know what's good? Willington Pizza's Red Potato Pizza with broccoli and bacon. ~insert Homer's slavering drool sound here~ That was today's highlight. That and the Red Sox finally scoring some runs. Save some of those dingers for Thursday against Seattle when younger bro and I head to the Fens.

Friday, August 3, 2001

Online Smithsonian

Based on the Map of the Market you see on CNBC and on financial websites, this online Smithsonian exhibit is, thankfully, more interesting than its interface lets on. It's, as Martha Stewart might say, a good thing that there's a place big enough for our society to store items as diverse as George Washington's tent and Muhammad Ali's gloves.
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