Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Do 60 Next

The 40 Best Yo La Tengo Songs :: Music :: Lists :: Yo La Tengo :: Paste

Not bad as lists go. No "The Evil That Men Do (Pablo's Version)" though? Listen closer.

Only "Detouring America With Horns" off May I Sing With Me felt wrong, I was struck by the absence of "Upside-Down," but maybe the problem was trying to pick only 40 songs ...

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Politics of Health Care, or M4A Now!

RIP Carrie Ann Lucas

Put simply, our expensive and failing health care and health insurance systems are not amenable to incremental reforms. Radical changes are needed, and needed now. So-called moderate, centrist tweaks that don't fundamentally change our approach to health care amount to little more than whistling past the graveyard.

It's past time we recognized as a society that politics are not a horse race, a low-consequence game where we cheer for Team Blue or Team Red. Politics are a life and death struggle to meet the material needs of an entire population. We're battling for basic human rights against capital. And, we're losing. The bodies continue to pile up while we tolerate mendacious politicians betraying their constituencies, betraying us all.

Carrie Ann Lucas deserved better. Every person getting priced out of their insulin deserves better. Kids shouldn't be dying because their families can't afford inhalers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ten Years Later: "All-Star Day Daydreaming"

cryptonaut-in-exile: All-Star Day Daydreaming

I'd like nothing more than for Blake and Amelia's first big league game to be at Fenway one summer between 2011 and 2013 ... that first site of a ballpark in the sunshine after coming out of a dark tunnel, while holding their dad's hand -- that's a feeling I can't wait to give them.
Haven't done one of these Ten Years Later posts in a while, so flipped back to July, 2008 and it turns out I only posted once that month and it was about baseball and fatherhood, two things still very much on my mind. The latter all the time, the former reaching a fever pitch here at the All Star break with the Sox looking like they're going to battle the Yankees down to wire, with both built to make deep playoff runs this year.

We didn't make it to Fenway with the kids until this summer, about six years behind schedule, but it was worth the wait. We saw a terrific game -- the Sox won 6-0 behind homers by J.D. Martinez and Bogaerts -- and had the added bonus of being able to go with my brother's family.

This may be the last photo taken where I'm still taller than my son :P

The kids got to go with their aunt, uncle, and cousins to their first game at Fenway.
Baseball-wise, it's been a heck of a summer. The Red Sox are raking and have a 4.5 game lead at the All Star break. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez have been electric, and I've seen more grand slams this year than I can remember seeing in a while. Mookie and Bogaerts in the week leading up to the break, no less. I always have an excuse why I'm behind on my Doctor Who blogging and my reading; for a while it's been the fact I run pretty much everyday, and that's a big chunk of my free time, but we've also got the MLB season pass so I only miss the Sox games when they play Baltimore and Washington due to the ludicrous blackout situation here in North Carolina, a state without a big league team.

Speaking of the DW blogging, I've got a bunch of skeleton posts for classic and new series stories in my drafts folder that'll get another pass and get published eventually, but it's likely the next to go live will be a reaction post when the new series starts up in the fall.

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