Saturday, December 2, 2017

Decem-burrrr Dash 2017

Not going to lie, proud of myself for going hard at this year's race and finally cracking the 25 minute barrier while notching a new personal best. They changed the course a bit from last year, had us do a loop around the football field before heading up the first hill, rather than having us do a circle in the parking lot at the halfway point, which felt kind of dumb. Incorporating more hills into my running routes certainly seems to have paid some dividends -- the hill on this course felt much less taxing this year than I remember it feeling last year, that's for sure.

Speed seems to be the area I need the most work in, which I think means I need to incorporate more stride outs into my running. Now that I've proven to myself I can sustain a 5 min/km pace, I'd like to see if I can get start getting some kms to come in closer to 4:30 than 5:00. And, if I can do that, then to start stringing some of those times together.

2nd place in my age group.

Chugging to the finish.

Race 1 - "Decem-burrrrr Dash" - 12/3/16 - 29:10
Race 2 - "SPCA Hot Chocolate Run" - 1/15/17 - 28:25
Race 3 - "I Heart 5K" - 2/11/17 - 26:58
Race 4 - "Running Over Cancer 5K" [official results] - 3/12/2017 - 25:32
Race 5 - "Racing for Rescues" - 5/7/2017 - 25:03 [official results]
Race 6 - "Run the Quay" - 6/3/2017 - 25:11 [official results]
Race 7 - "Decem-burrrr Dash" - 12/2/17 - 24:43 [official results]

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