Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Tenant in the Tardis?

There are an awful lot of articles saying rumors that Tennant is leaving Doctor Who after Season 3/29 aren't true but until today I hadn't seen any mention of new casting. Rumors are what they are so I take it cum grano salis that Jason Statham (imdb) is next up as the Doctor.

Probably not worth commenting on a rumor so unlikely, Statham's film career may not have been boosted by Crank but I find it hard to believe he's looking for series tv work, yet I can't help but wonder what he'd do with the role. He was brilliant in Lock, Stock , Snatch, and proved he is a legit action star in The Transporter. But, while the Doctor is supposed to be a master of Venusian karate, action is hardly the show's calling card. I'd imagine he'd have to play the role more Turkish than Frank Martin, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

Still, I hope Tennant sticks around a few more seasons. The Doctor doesn't have enough regenerations for the role to be revolving door.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

2006 was a heck of a year in the c-dog house ... I became a father back in May (some mornings I still wake up and go, "Holy crap, two babies!"), got a new job with commute to Boston started in October (most mornings I still wake up and go, "Oh f*ck, it's 4:45am and if I don't hustle I'm going to miss my train") and 2007 looks like it could bring some more change as well ... good-bye Rhode Island?

It'd be harder than usual for me to make top 10 lists for '06 ... if I saw 5 movies this year, it's because I saw 3 in the last week while on vacation: Casino Royale, Charlotte's Web, and The Good Shepherd. I couldn't recommend Shepherd -- lots of talent just wandering around, interacting reluctantly, occasionally making a facial expression, bumping into some of the other talent, while the weighty theme slaps down on the viewer's head like a round, juicy ham. Thwok, "I'm a self-important movie, meaty and powerful," thwok. The other two lived up to expectations and, if the trailers piqued your interest, I think you could go in confident you'll come out entertained.

As far as music goes ... Panic! At the Disco irritated me -- I got the album based on a Robot Wisdom rave before I heard them on the radio and wish I'd been more skeptical. The Stolen Records have been in the cd player in the car on heavy rotation. Otherwise, I've basically had the iPod on shuffle all year ... although Say Anything's "Alive With the Glory of Love" was catchy enough that it made my commuting playlist.

TV was all about Doctor Who this year. The season 2 finale with Daleks vs. Cybermen was awesome ... the scene where the Cyberman and Dalek meet in the hallway at Torchwood and each demands the other identify themself was brilliant: "Identify!" "No, you will identify!" "Daleks do not identify!" "You have identified yourself as 'Dalek'!" "D'oh!" [I'm paraphrasing here.} The Daleks exterminated with extreme prejudice, demonstrating they are clearly the superior killing machines, but the Cybermen won the battle of wits. Dalek: "Daleks do not need style!" Cyberman: "That is evident." I watched Jericho with growing fatigue. I got back into Battlestar Galactica. I've drifted away from Law and Order (new) but still slavishly watch any of the first 14 or so seasons when they're on (all the time). Heroes, Studio 60, and the The Office are mainstays. Smallville, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars too. We got DVR this year and I don't think I could go back to watching live tv. I'm guessing in the next year or two, product placement will replace commercials as the chief tv advertising delivery method. Sony obviously has their claws in the Bond franchise, but even The Wire hawks snacky chips with ruthless abandon.

Web-wise I haven't got much new to recommend. I'm trying out LibraryThing to see if I can keep my reading list and book collection there instead of at Reader2. Reader2 has the advantage of being free where LibraryThing is free up to 200 books ... but R2 is a little clunkier and keeping track of the exact edition and cover is easier with LT. I find I'm going to The House Next Door for movie and tv reviews these days. They do a great job posting well-written and timely Doctor Who and Battlestar reviews. I check Dealnews and frequently.

Nap time's over. So much for my Year in Review post. Happy and healthy to all!
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