Sunday, February 15, 2009

the Last Hustler

The Last Hustler
Over his long and, more importantly, profitable career, John "Fast Jack" Farrell has lived by two rules: Get the money and get out alive.

The first has always been a cinch, easy as breathing for a knock-around kid from Manchester [CT] who became, arguably, the best card and dice hustler on two continents.

And he's still around. That proves he hasn't missed yet on the second rule, even if there have been close moments.

He's been chased by a mob of bat-swinging highway workers. He has been gouged, slashed, stripped, beaten, drugged, dumped in the snow and shot at. He once was warned, as he prepared to beat a mob dice game in Queens, that a "leak" — a slip of his crooked dice — could leave him hanging from a hook in a meat locker. He walked away four hours later, buzzed on adrenaline and thousands of dollars ahead.
There's a movie in the works.
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