Friday, September 20, 2002

"Oh darn."

Firefly: a couple laugh out loud moments and potential for interesting character interactions as things develop. Not as much as I'd hoped for, not a bust either. The biggest disappointment was the action sequences, particularly the fights. There was no energy to them. I don't need Matrix-y special effects or Jet Li-style fighting (Yuen Woo Ping's way isn't the only way) ... but the bar's been raised and those fights look like they were choreographed and filmed by the crew from Everybody Loves Raymond. I'll keep watching it with the expectation that it'll be lucky to last a full season. I'm guessing a bunch of folks were underwhelmed the by the opening bar brawl and didn't stick around for the whole thing. Just a hunch.

Joe Dirt, Jr.: "He flicked us off ... he got what he deserved."

Shirtless thugs attack 54 year old Royals' first base coach during game. There should be zero tolerance for fans running on the field, even if it's just what looks like a solo drunk clown trying to get some attention. If you run on the field, you should be fair game. Gamboa's lucky he didn't get stabbed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Fenway Rocks

You know sometimes things just go your way and you have an awesome day? Today was like that. Went up to Fenway with Tif and another couple and watched the Red Sox win as Manny homered twice and Lowe pitched well. We had good seats just a few rows back from the right field fence beyond the foul pole. Jackie Chan (!) threw out the first pitch ... I had no idea he was going to be there ... and I got a Jackie Face On A Stick. Drank tons of beer, ate sausages, and peanuts, and ice cream, then had more beer. It was gorgeous weather for the game and I got some good snapshots on Mega's digicam. Tif reminds me I should also be bragging about how my girl bought me a new hat, one of the caps with Ted Williams's number 9 on the front. It's sweet.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

What the What?

"Gay Wedding" on Smackdown?

I'm curious enough to read the first paragraph or two of the article, but not curious enough to watch or find out what it's all about. Can I assume it's homophobic under whatever gloss of inclusion it presents? Like 80's hair metal, wrestling has always seemed to me to be a puzzling display of cartoonish machismo meant to reassure conflicted homosexuals that they are in fact straight and 'normal' and all super-macho het-men just happen to like guys who tease their perms, wear makeup, and cross dress or preen themselves into a state of over-muscled, tights-wearing glistendom in order to grapple with one another. I guess I'm just surprised the wrestling establishment would flirt with revealing that their product is openly gay. (As I write this, I shudder to think what the referral log is going to look like for the next couple of days.)

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Marathon Man

Caught the last 5 hours of fX's 24 marathon Monday night (needed to veg for a bit after an exhausting, but fun!, vacation weekend) and now get what the buzz was about. Good show. (I got pulled into Alias last year the same way. A few years back, it was CourtTV that got me into Homicide with the marathon, though the show was already done. The marathon works for me. It's much easier for me to get engaged in a show when I don't have to wait a week between installments.) Now I've got another show I've got to figure out how to slot in. Or, now that series are coming out on DVD left and right, maybe I can just stop watching and wait until I can watch a whole run at a time. New shows I'm officially looking forward to seeing this fall: Firefly, Birds of Prey, and the corny show I'll give a shot because I like the premise ... That Was Then. I have a feeling that after the first week, Firefly is the only one in which I'll still be interested. 24, Alias, Angel, Bernie Mac, Buffy (I'm giving it a shot but if I'm still burned out 2 or 3 shows in, it's off the A list.), Smallville (gulp!), and The West Wing are the only returning shows I'll make an effort to catch.
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