Monday, May 2, 2011

NC's Mecklenburg County Commissioner, Bill James, is upset the POTUS didn't arrange for ObL's corpse to be defecated upon before being fed to pigs

Bill James ‘celebrates’ Osama bin Laden’s end by throwing up bile | theCLog

Bill James, shit-for-brains. (Image via Pam's House Blend)

I am glad they got the scumbag. News reports say that Obama allowed Osama to get an ‘Islamic burial’. If true that is a big mistake.

Osama should not have been allowed to have a burial that followed ‘Islamic practice and tradition’ so he can get his ‘40 virgins’. The body should have been put on public display – disrespected – defecated on – urinated on (all on video) and then thrown into a pig pen for consumption by ‘unclean’ animals.?Then they could dump his sorry carcass into the sea……………. unwashed, unclean heading to the Hell he justly deserves. In short, if Osama wanted an Islamic burial we should have given him the opposite and in public denying him his devout last wishes.??As it is - media reports say we gave him an ‘Islamic’ burial so he can collect his 40 virgins in paradise. Now these nut jobs know that even if they die and are caught the US will still give them the proper Islamic burial they want.??This is the kind of politically correct dogma designed to placate a group of crazies whose ultimate goal is paradise in the next life. ??
If you've every had the misfortune of hearing Bill James's opinion on anything before, then you know this is not unexpected. The hilarious part of this idiot clown telling the President how he should have handled the situation is that he included instructions to videotape the whole, vividly imagined, process of violating the corpse for, presumably, his own amusement -- because I'm sure he didn't want to use that footage for provocative purposes.

Can't help but notice that he's really upset about bin Laden's getting 40 virgins. Somebody should tell Mr. James not to worry, nobody's *really* getting 40 virgins after they die, regardless of the corpse disposal technique employed.
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