Saturday, May 14, 2011

The five greatest Yuen-Woo Ping choreographed fight scenes, selected by Yuen-Woo Ping

Yuen Woo Ping Picks His Five Favorite Fight Scenes - Movies - News -

Jet Li's Chen Zhen demonstrates the "fish hook" to an unfortunate Japanese occupier.

In honor of 'True Legend''s U.S. release this week, we asked Yuen to do something even more difficult than fighting a man while standing on a bamboo pole over a pit of fire: pick just five favorite fight scenes from his incredible thirty-plus year career. As you'll see, he cheated a little bit on the last one, but with so many remarkable sequences to his credit, how can you blame him?
Fist of Legend is full of classic fight scenes; he could've done a list of just the fights in that one movie alone and it would've been nearly as good.
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