Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bit of stretch, but since I just read a (typically) evil/hilarious news item about Virginia Foxx ...

Boston Review — Carol Muske-Dukes: Hate Mail:

Evil crone, born to ruin everything.

... If a pig

Flew out of a tree & rose to become
A blimp—you would write a poem
About it, ignoring the Greater Good,

The hard facts of gravity. You deserve to be
Flattened by the Greater Good—pigs don’t
Fly, yet your arrogance is that of a blimp

Which has long forgotten its place on this earth.
Big arrogance unmoored from its launch pad
Floating free, up with mangy Canadian honkers,

Up with the spy satellites and the ruined
Ozone layer which is, btw, caused by your breath,
Because you were born to ruin everything ...
... I'm imagining this poem was written with Foxx in mind. You just have to substitute "bill" for "poem" to make it work.   
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