Thursday, May 26, 2011

How do you handle the merge due to lane closure? (IL has new signs instructing motorists which strategy to employ.)

Today's lesson: When to merge on Interstate 74

Via Quad City Times

'I've battled that bridge for 26 years,' she said. 'It's so exasperating. I remember feeling angry at those people using the empty lane. Even though I would love to sneak over into the other lane, I feel guilty.' 
Aha! Therein lies our problem: We are too polite. We would rather spend an extra half hour in a single line, cursing the passers, than risk the crooked eye from a stranger in another car. The fix for this is fairness: If everybody takes a tooth in the so-called 'Zipper' system, everyone (supposedly) wins. 
'This is something I've seen done in Pennsylvania on a project, and we've talked about it over the years,' explained John Wegmeyer, project implementation engineer for Illinois DOT. 'We're trying to eliminate long backups and trucks and other vehicles trying to straddle the lanes.'
I'm not sure the Zipper is really the most efficient way, would like to see some studies. However, I think the signs are a great idea because they put all motorists on the same page and should minimize the conflict between Early Mergers and Last Minute Lane Changers.

Via The Browser 
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