Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Fall aren't for everybody. They're just not.

Mark E Smith: April’s Twat of the month:

Mark E. Smith. The wear, he's worse for it.

For instance, his creative output is sycophantically described by Steve Huey as “abstract poetry filled with complicated wordplay, bone-dry wit, cutting social observations, and general misanthropy.”
Really Steve?! Sounds like a thick arsehole shouting unintelligible crap to me. I mean listen to the song Totally Wired – if that blabbering noise is abstract poetry then I’m a literary deity.

We all looked fitter thirty years ago.
Me, I love it. If you're not sure which side of the argument you fall on, check "Totally Wired" for y'self. My heart and I agree ...

You don't have to look far over there at DTL to find some praise of U2, Extreme, and Blind Melon. Now, I admit there are a few U2 songs I enjoy quite a bit. Not a lot, but a few; the bulk of their output is slick rubbish. Blind Melon's hit single was undeniably catchy ... but, let's face it, that stuff's baby food. There's nothing wrong with a bit of applesauce now and again; however, at some point, you've got to challenge yourself or you're going to find the parties you throw are just a bunch null-nodes standing around talking about how "fuckin' deep, dude," the religious themes are in Bono's lyrics. That's no way to live.

I don't know Mark E. Smith, so I can't speak to whether he's an insufferable twat to go to the pub with or not. I'd rather buy him a pint and find out for myself than have Bono buy me one. And, I'd trade the whole of U2's output for "Totally Wired" without batting an eye.
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