Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Raleigh-Durham ranked worst for gas guzzling by Forbes

The Cities That Guzzle The Least & Most Amounts Of Gas - The Consumerist

Barrel Monster futilely admonishes Triangle drivers to take public transportation. (Via flickr)

For example: Although New York City is huge and full of people, its denizens are much more likely to take the subway than say, those living in Raleigh-Durham, who think it's fine to just drive from one suburb to another whenever they need to.
Look, I took a bus from East Hartford to downtown Hartford when I worked there. I rode my bike from Madison's Capitol Square all the way out to the office park off Old Sauk past the West Beltline. I rode the train from Attleboro into Boston. But I drive from Fuquay to RTP because there is no other freaking way to get there. Public transportation here is a disgrace. I don't "think it's fine."


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