Monday, May 9, 2011

Small time pot dealer gets life in prison

Fourth marijuana conviction gets Slidell man life in prison |

St. Tammany Parish "Justice" Center, image via
At Hood's one-day trial, the evidence presented by the prosecution included a digital scale and about a dozen bags that had contained marijuana before being seized from the house, testimony showed. Deputies also found $1,600 in cash and a student-loan application with Hood's name on it inside of a night stand.

Jurors deliberated for less than two hours and convicted Hood of a reduced charge, which usually carries no more than 15 years' imprisonment. Assistant District Attorney Nick Noriea Jr. then used Hood's past convictions on Thursday to argue that he was a career criminal worthy of a severe punishment.
Life in prison for that?! I'd like to review this judge's record to see what kind of crimes were committed by defendants he didn't sentence to life in prison upon conviction because I can easily imagine a lengthy list of offenses more deserving of that severe a punishment. We are throwing people in jail for nickel and dime nonsense every day while, to my knowledge, not one person responsible for the fraud and abuse induced economic meltdown has been sent to jail.
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