Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DSK arrest reads like L&O:SVU script, we shouldn't be surprised if Hargitay and Meloni are already rehearsing.

After Complaint, IMF Chief's Arrest Was Swift : NPR

Strauss-Khan (via

Detectives from the Midtown South precinct were dispatched and interviewed the woman. 'Police often get flack for interviewing rape victims too aggressively,' says Deputy New York Police Commissioner Paul Browne, 'but they do it for a reason, to make sure the story hangs together, that there are no inconsistencies, and they were convinced.' Then, amazingly, while the police were there, Strauss-Kahn called the hotel, mistakenly believing that he had left a cell phone behind. The police coached hotel personnel to tell Strauss-Kahn that they had the cell phone and to ask where he was, and that they would get the phone to him.

He told them he was at JFK Airport, about to leave on a plane. Whereupon, the police called the Port Authority Police, said they were on their way and to hold the plane if necessary. They, in fact, got there 10 minutes before the plane was due to leave. According to police sources, the Port Authority officers boarded, asked Strauss-Kahn to come with them, that they had his cell phone, and when he got off the plane, the New York Police Department clapped the handcuffs on and took him away to the Special Victims Unit, the unit made famous on Law and Order.
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