Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One of the many reasons I fell in love with my wife ... (She walks the talk)

A friend posted a vile "poem" about Mexicans on his Facebook wall. Apart from his views on race and politics, he's a really nice guy, so I struggle with how to reconcile his intolerance with the other areas of character that are exemplary. Too often, I tend to use eye rolling and disapproving silence when things we disagree on come up because I don't always trust my temper to use judicious speech. Luckily, my wife is able and willing to engage on a level that is respectful, but forceful. For example:

The guy who posted that mess of racist nonsense, of which only the tail end is excerpted above, is an anglo Christian who is active in his church. I just don't get what part of his faith informs his racism and contempt for the poor? It's especially frustrating when I encounter other parents, also Christians, who seem to acquire their morally retarded attitudes towards their fellow human beings from their religious instruction, and pass it on (which is me trying hard not to say, "force it on") their children, as seems to be the case here.

I am fully aware, as is my wife, that the welfare system gets abused, by both immigrants and citizens. As a taxpayer, I share the concern that we're not allocating our resources appropriately, but I am much more upset when we use our resources to invade other countries, kill people, imprison them unjustly, and subsidize corporate welfare. Frankly, it doesn't bother me much when my tax dollars are spent feeding and providing health care to people.

Yes, lots talk about how we can create a society that rewards effort and provides disincentives for sloth and avarice; let's talk about what a just and fair society that protects its most vulnerable citizens looks like, then let's figure out we get there from here. And, when we've had that talk, let's take our convictions to the polls.
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