Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mitt Romney to Birthers: Chill, idiots. (He'll never get the nomination now.)

Mitt Romney: President Obama Was Born in the US

Romney is well placed to comment on issues relating to citizenship and the presidency, notes Daniel Freedman at Forbes. The Romney family lawyers probed the issue in the '60s when his father, George Romney, was seeking the Republican nomination. The Michigan governor was born to American parents in a Mormon colony in Chihuahua, Mexico. Romney's opponents labeled him 'Chihuahua George' but his eligibility for the presidency was never seriously challenged, Freedman notes.
He's right, there are real reasons to defeat Obama in 2012; however, I don't think Romney has any real clue what they are, because a President that's (even more) of a Screw-The-Poor-Welfare-For-The-Rich-Lots-Of-Wars-Including-A-War-On-Women-Civil-Rights-Denying-Republican is not what we need.

If Obama's speech later today doesn't flip Ryan's proposal on its ear and lay out a plan that addresses the inequality crisis that is destroying our economy, and our future, and talk about restoring tax rates on the wealthy to pre-George W. Bush levels, and address the unsustainable growth in defense spending, then he is going to be paving the way for whichever nutjob the GOP puts up in 2012 to win, because working people are going to walk away from him, and there's nobody on the left to rally around. 
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