Saturday, April 23, 2011

‘Doctor Who’ U.S. Premiere Will Not Be Delayed (for long)

‘Doctor Who’ U.S. Premiere Will Not Be Delayed -

Like Mr. Simon, she cited piracy as a primary reason. “While I think fans very much want to do the right thing,” she said, “they’re not going to wait months and months and months for something that they’re that eager to watch.”
I downloaded the episodes as soon as they were available in the past, but won't bother in this case because the wait is reasonable. Even when I did download them, I still watched them once they were on US TV; I imagine, however, many didn't. The real news here is that some idiots thought the delay was ever a good idea, and as a result, merely encouraged pirates at their own expense.

I'll be off the computer coloring eggs with the kids, but will not be going into recluse mode with regard to the internet and twitter and staying that way until 9 PM ET, so I don't accidentally see anything I don't want to until the broadcast.  
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