Monday, April 25, 2011

An atheist blogmap – oooooh, how handy | My Not So Fictional Life

An atheist blogmap – oooooh, how handy | My Not So Fictional Life:

Snapped from My Not So Fictional Life

So an atheist blogger in the US has come up with the neat idea of starting an atheist/secularist/humanist bloggers map. Now if – like me – you lean towards that way of thinking and you run a blog that reflects that from time to time, then why not head on over to cryptonaut-in-exile and put your blog forward to be included.
Yeah, I set up this blogmap to give atheist/secularist/humanist bloggers a way to put their blog on a public google map, then I -- P. T. Barnum Genius Level Promoter that I am -- told almost no one* and didn't even mention it on my own blog. Luckily, a few of the folks I tapped on the (virtual) shoulder via the Atheist Blogroll and let know about it submitted their blogs and it has started to grow. Still lots of states, regions, countries, continents, and hemispheres unrepresented, but it's early yet and I'm hoping it'll grow at a pace where I can continue to manage reasonably quick turnaround from submission to addition.

I've already added several new blogs to my Follows, or Greader subscriptions, and/or blogroll as I've read through the submissions and found some intriguing posts.  Thanks to those that have submitted, big thanks to Emily for the mention, and thanks in advance to those of you that will take a look and submit.

* I did tweet a few times using the #atheism tag and I specifically @ mentioned two of the bigger names in Atheist blogging that I know of, in addition to leaving comments on a few of the newer blogs on the Atheist Blogroll, so it's not like I was completely mum about it.
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