Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today's events made we wonder how I could remember 1979, but not 1989

1989 Northeastern United States tornado outbreak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

United Methodist Church, Bantam, CT after the 1989 tornado [source]

More than 150 people were injured by the tornado outbreak, and one person was killed by thunderstorm winds. While tornado outbreaks in this area are unusual, this storm was especially rare in that it produced six significant tornadoes, two of which were violent F4s, and featured many tornadoes with tracks of several miles.
After today's storms, have been discussing tornadoes a bit on Facebook and storms we lived through in New England. Our last visit back, in fact, we had a micro-burst (says my brother, who saw a line of trees getting sheered off at about the 15' mark -- he, by the windows, while the rest of us had fled to the basement -- while I still think if it has a path, and skips around causing damage, it sounds more like a twister than a micro-burst) which even now you can still see some of the effects of in Google Maps:

Can still see the clusters of downed trees.

I remember when the tornado struck Windsor Locks and the airport back in 1979. But I don't remember the other F4 that struck down near New Haven in 1989. It was bugging me why that might be. Then, I remembered that 1989 was a college year, which means I was probably loaded and have blacked out most of that time. I'm sure it'll come back to me.
Bradley Air Museum, 1979
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