Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Since white supremacist "family values" include cowardice, self-aggrandizement, and love of violence ...

"Family Friendly" Machine Gun Festival Welcomes Extremists | Media Matters for America
I was on site at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot fewer than 20 minutes last Saturday before I passed a shaved-head lad with with a Totenkopf death head on his chest. (The Totenkopf was the symbol of the Nazi SS division that ran death camps like Auschwitz during the Holocaust.)
 ... it's only natural you'd find gun show crowds thick with their ilk; there's nothing chickenshits who can't cope love more than guns.


  1. Those people make me ashamed to admit I used to frequent gun shows. Saw some screwed up stuff there, but never anyone selling SS/Nazi t-shirts. Wow, scary stuff.

  2. Family values at a gun show... is that like... take out two households for the price of one?


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