Friday, April 15, 2011

Even Reason mag's Loder can't abide Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Part I - Reason Magazine:

Rand’s book is set in an unspecified future that bears a startling resemblance to our own here-and-now. There’s a stock-market collapse, much populist demagoguery and union thuggery, and chaos in the Middle East that has driven gas prices to $37 a gallon (which purportedly explains the resuscitation of railroads as the only affordable transport for passengers and freight). The book is set in an unspecified future; the movie relocates the story to the year 2016, but it might as easily have been next week. These sociopolitical similarities might have been more rousing if they had been punched home more boldly.
I wanted to give Loder credit for going after it in Reason, but then I got to the "union thuggery," bit and all I had left to give was a Massive Eye Roll.  
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