Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Who Series Six, Episode Two Review Round Up

Doctor Who series 6 episode 2 review: Day Of The Moon - Den of Geek:

The sudden appearance of all those marks was quite well done.

Does that make the baby the Doctor’s (it’s sounding a bit like a soap opera, granted, but bear with me)? Or, could it be a young River Song? After all, the Doctor and River are moving further and further away from each other. Could River be a Time Lord? Or, here’s theory three: is the regenerating girl the return of Donna Noble in some form? That’s the long shot, but it can’t be young Amelia, as we know what she looks like at that age.

Or do we? For here's a further thought: could the girl be regenerating into someone who is far more familiar to us? Perhaps regenerating into Amy or River? That strikes me as the thread to follow. Heck, if we play this game too long, we could end up with River Song as Amy’s daughter.

My head hurts now.
Donna? No, I hadn't gone there in any conjecture. But, the rest, yeah, those things crossed my mind, too.

One thing this review didn't touch on that drove me nuts was how quickly Pond went off on her own in the creepy old Children's Home run by the crazy man.  And what was with the (dream?) imagery of the woman with the eye patch looking through the sliding window in the door, that wasn't there?

Doctor Who, “Day of the Moon” — A Slice of SciFi Review:
I couldn’t shake the feeling I used to get during Lost and The X-Files–namely that we were answering one question only to replace it with six or eight more.
At this point, I still have faith in Steven Moffat to deliver the answers. But I still have a bad feeling no matter what answer we get to the puzzle that is River Song, it won’t be nearly as satisfying or as interesting as many of us have speculated and dreamed up on our own. (Or worse yet, it won’t jive with what we’ve dreamed up and we’ll take it out on the show in a backlash).
There's definitely that. I hope and trust Moffatt has a reasonable plan, but I worry that when it's all revealed, it won't feel like a satisfactory answer. Like, remember that time you tried to explain last series to someone and it was really challenging and you weren't sure when you were done that you didn't get something wrong?  "No, Rory's not an Auton any longer. But he remembers being one. Sort of ..."

Invader Debrief | Lawrence Miles' Doctor Who Thing:
And I'm sure you know by now not to look for Lawrence Miles to fawn. He makes fair points even when he's being a bit vicious. To wit:

Later, back at Silence HQ...

"Jesus, Barry. For someone who calls himself 'Silent', you've got a f***ing mouth on you."

"Er... what?"

"You should kill us all on sight? You actually said you should kill us all on sight? Into a mobile 'phone? Christ, why didn't you tell them to shag your sister while you were at it? It doesn't even make sense within the context of the dialogue, you twat!"

The larger point here is Earth has been invaded any number of times, and while Moffatt's been planting the seeds for the Silents/Silence (whichever it is, I think the former but am seeing lots of the latter) nobody else in the history of Doctor Who has, so they have a bit of the stink of retcon to 'em.  Not enough to ruin my enjoyment of  the show, it was a blast tonight. A spooky, though-provoking blast. There's just this nagging feeling, like the blurry shape on the other side of a some plastic sheeting we just can't make out ...

There's a lot of that going around.

Review: 'Doctor Who' - 'Day of the Moon': One small step | What's Alan Watching?:

In fact, there's precious little explanation in "Day of the Moon," which is less the conclusion to a two-part story then half of an extended prologue to what promises to be one of the more heavily-serialized "Doctor Who" seasons yet. We know that the Silence have been secretly manipulating human history in order to get a spacesuit for the girl, but we don't know exactly who the girl is - though the final image of the episode pretty strongly suggests she's somehow a Time Lord. (Jenny from "The Doctor's Daughter," perhaps? Moffat did ask Russell Davies to not kill her off, after all.) The Silence also turn out to be the forces behind the events of the previous season(**), but we still don't know what the agenda was there or why they would want to crack the universe into pieces. And we don't have any explanation yet of how Amy can simultaneously be pregnant and not pregnant, other than our own wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey guesses. (Are there two timelines happening at once? And, if so, is that how they'll undo the Doctor's murder from last week?) Nor is there any kind of clue about the woman with the high-tech eyepiece who Amy briefly sees through a window at Graystark Hall.

Ooh, high-tech eyepiece. I saw it as a patch, as I mentioned above. (Can you tell I'm going through my feed and responding to each in turn as I read it?)  Jenny? Again, no, I don't think so, or hope not. Wait, maybe ...
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