Saturday, April 30, 2011

I don't care if the Bensons of the world don't like me; I can't abide privileged whiners, so I guess we're even.

Why do Americans still dislike atheists? - The Washington Post

From the comments on the linked article.
Frankly, without knowing what horrible persecution Benson may have suffered, or thinks he's suffered, at the hands of secularists, I find it very hard to believe a roving gang of atheists came along and knocked over his Christmas tree and told him he couldn't celebrate. Never mind a roving atheist gang, I doubt anyone ever told Benson he couldn't celebrate Christmas, period.

I suspect something like people complaining that the government shouldn't endorse any religion by, for instance, putting a Nativity scene in front of Town Hall is what he's on about. He may not think Nativity scenes are a way of telling people what they should believe, but I wonder how he would feel if, instead of that Nativity, he saw a big Star of David or a Mohammed ascending on a Pegasus in front of government building, I wonder if he would feel like that government was marginalizing his beliefs (or lack thereof)?
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