Thursday, April 21, 2011

Death row organ donors a good idea?

Organs from inmates? That idea should be DOA - Health - Health care - Breaking Bioethics -

Christian Longo. Murderer. Would-be organ donor.

The push to find more organs has gotten so desperate that we are now negotiating with mass murderers about the feasibility of using their parts after they are executed . While vicious creeps like Christian Longo connive to get national attention with talk of 'repaying society' and finding 'redemption' for their crimes, the facts are that obtaining organs from executed prisoners is impractical, poses huge health risks to potential recipients and is utterly unethical.
Ethics aside, doesn't the act of poisoning or electrocuting a human being damage its organs? Ethics not aside, let's not execute people, because killing is wrong. Failing that, let's not add any kind of incentive to executing people, since it's wrong, and it seems likely that providing a benefit to executing more people would result in more people being executed. 
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