Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decades old nuggets that (sort of) hint at the future of music (There's even a Doctor Who connection)

6 Songs That Were Decades Ahead of 'Groundbreaking' Music |

Image via Cracked

Loud, pounding drums; harsh, whispered vocals; unusual instrumentation; and a somewhat catchy tune buried underneath. That old-timey bit at the beginning? That's sampling. Caledonia by Cromagnon has all the staples of modern industrial music (minus the angsty lyrics), and it came out way back in 1969.

Not bad, actuallly. This is the first band and song identified in the article, and while I'm not sure it's "industrial," per se, it's close enough to make the article's point. (Cromagnon have been profiled over at TWBITW as well.)

The next example which I'm going to check out because there's a Doctor Who connection, I'm dreading a bit because it's billed as being as pioneering the sound that would later typify Radiohead. I can't abide Radiohead, so the thought of a primitive precursor doesn't thrill me ... but, for Delia's sake, here goes ...

Delia Derbyshire of White Noise (co-composer of Doctor Who theme)

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