Saturday, April 23, 2011

#Flickchart vs. MovieWeb | Haven't seen the latter and don't care to.

Flickchart vs. MovieWeb | Flickchart: The Blog:

We wholeheartedly welcome fair competition and innovation, but when faced with what is plainly obvious to us and others that MovieWeb has knowingly copied, reproduced, and duplicated what we have worked to perfect over the years and refer to it as their own new idea, we feel their attempt is neither morally right, nor is it legal. MovieWeb has never contacted us formally or informally to indicate interest in licensing the use of Flickchart – which we would have certainly considered if approached, as we would of any potential business partners.
So, what I'm saying is, please, don't have anything to do with MovieWeb. They're hacks and cheats. If you like the idea of ranking movies by choosing one over another (like I do), then check out Flickchart. Me, the only thing I'd ever do on MovieWeb's site is leave them a message letting them know I see what they did there and I don't like it.
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