Friday, April 22, 2011

Who Are We to Resist Its Charms? (Counting the hours 'til the premiere ...)

'Doctor Who' Makes a Dazzling Return, and Who Are We to Resist Its Charms?:

Among the show's many pleasures is its dialogue, which may be the best on television right now. For me, the show's clever conversations recall the golden age of the Joss Whedon era, and, as was the case in the Jossverse, it's not all shiny smartness on display: There's a scene between River and Rory that is heartbreakingly written and acted, and Amy and Rory are put through different emotional wringers as well. Whatever the tone of a scene, however, Smith may be the perfect delivery system for Moffat's words.
It's liable to get a little Who-heavy around here as we draw near the premiere. Big day coming, I can hardly wait. 
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