Saturday, January 15, 2011

Priest denied Communion, had FL woman pulled over

Navarre woman: Priest denied Communion, had her pulled over | communion, navarre, priest - News - Northwest Florida Daily News:

“The matter of disposing of the Eucharist in an inappropriate way is a serious matter to us,” Peggy Dekeyser, the communications officer for the diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee said in confirming Trebesh’s theory.

Trebesh said the only thing she could think of that Kelly or anyone else might have seen her daughter do was “spit out a piece of gum in the parking lot.”
One gets the sense, not just reading this article, but as part of a pattern that includes electing some real theocratic confidence men, that Floridians are amongst the most open to the idea of a church-state. Back to this story though, it's easy to imagine there's more here than just a simple misunderstanding about gum being mistaken for a component of a pseudo-cannibalistic cracker ritual. I'm guessing priest don't call the police over something like that unless there's some other dispute going on.
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