Saturday, January 22, 2011

Word on the tweet: #Fuquay-Varina, January 22, 2011

I've been slacking in my self-appointed Fuquay-themed tweet curatorial duties. (Actually, most of the tweets mentioning Fuquay lately have either been tiresomely vulgar, irrelevant (to anything), or repetitive press release-type things I'm sick of seeing in my feed. It's like twitter as a whole in that regard, I guess.  But, every now and again something catches my eye, so here's the latest roundup, first of 2011.

OH in Fuquay-Varina NC: "Did ___ tell you I typed 'fuzzy vagina' in the GPS & it brought us here?"Sat Jan 22 06:22:39 via Bad Kitty

See what I mean about the tiresome vulgarity? "Fuzzy" is not the word that normally replaces "Fuquay" in these sorts of tweets, so this one makes the grade. FTRRadio though, not so much.

Inside of a concrete plant in Fuquay Varina. Jan 21 20:40:16 via TweetDeck

Atmospheric photo. Like it.

Attn Fuquavians: SPEED HERE INSTEAD OF THRU MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!! RT @newsobserver: Parkway section opens in Fuquay-Varina Jan 03 22:24:50 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

See, I didn't even know we were called Fuquavians.

I just became the mayor of Fuquay-Varina, NC on @foursquare! Dec 10 21:05:52 via foursquare

Ah, 4square check-ins, another of twitter's banes. Oh, I know, I'm just cranky and people love them and all. Reticence about promoting 4sq aside, it only seems right to acknowledge Her Honor, the Mayor.

My fellow Fuquavians, keep those tweets coming ... or as they (ought) to say 'round these parts, "Keep on Fuqin'."
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