Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jane McGonigal: The Gaming Fix for the Real World

Jane McGonigal: The Gaming Fix for the Real World | Science Not Fiction | Discover Magazine:

If 10,000 hours of practice represents a sort of genius threshold, then gamers around the world are crossing that threshold. “This means that we are well on our way to creating an entire generation of virtuoso gamers,” writes game designer Jane McGonigal.

You might recognize McGonigal from her talk at TED, “Gaming Can Make a Better World.” But now that speech has become a full-on how-to guide: her new book Reality Is Broken, which came out yesterday. It details how games can fix what’s wrong with the real world (and not just escape from it).
Food for thought in the article. The slashdot I found this on highlighted the relative mental health of soldiers who play 3-4 hours a day of video games in their free time.

As a parent, when my kids get to school I'm going to, obviously, want them to put their time in on their homework. Yet, I'm not sure how much I want that to infringe on their video game time.

Tangentially, I wonder how much time I've spent blogging over the last 10+ years and how many hours I need to put in to hit Gladwell's 10K Hours to Genius level. (I'm guessing I have something like 9,500 hours to go.)
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