Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obituary: Keith Colquhoun | The Economist

Obituary: Keith Colquhoun | The Economist:

It was an open secret, however, that Keith’s dearest occupation was not The Economist. It was his own writing, at which he could be seen tapping eagerly for as long as he dared before boarding the homeward train to Mersea Island. He produced 11 blackly comic novels, the last of them (“Five Deadly Words”) this April. Those disarmed by his gentleness could never quite forget that in Keith’s world guns would be suddenly drawn, blood spilt on the carpet and bullets lodged in a desk, “reducing its value a little should it ever come to auction.”
If nothing else, everyone should get an obituary that is more than a list of survived-bys, schools attended, and addresses. 
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