Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Local concern about the NHL exaggerating Raleigh's skyline?

The Raleigh Connoisseur - A Downtown Raleigh Blog

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter about how people think that Versus intentionally made the RBC Center seem as if it was in downtown Raleigh and how they are trying to make Raleigh seem bigger [than] it is. First off, relax.

The commercial that this shot airs in flashes the picture in front of you for maybe two seconds so trying to fit it all in can only be done by the magic of video editing. [It's] obvious this shot is fake.
The message is simple, chill folks. Nobody really thinks, or wants you to think, NHL All-Stars skate the icy streets of downtown Raleigh, fighting crime and saving kittens from trees, as they descend upon the portable RBC Center's location temporary location in front of recently cloned skyscrapers. 
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