Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The United States of Shame

The United States of Shame (CHART) |:

Whether it’s a fat population, high rate of STDs or excessive tax rate, it turns out that every state ranks dead last in at least one unsavory category.
When we saw the chart for Best At a few weeks ago, I included the clip showing the states in which I've lived, so we'll have another go.
  • Connecticut is worst at breast cancer. I'm from Connecticut and have an aunt who's been ravaged by cancer, yet still fights on. This isn't turning out to be comic enterprise I'd envisioned.
  • Massachusetts has the worst drivers -- yeah, I can see that. We didn't grow up calling them Massholes for nothing. I think it's all those rotaries; drives them insane.
  • Wisconsin is worst at binge drinking? I would have called it "best at," but you didn't want me coming to your bar loaded on a Saturday night after Badger football or hockey promising to skull f*ck any insufficiently prompt and attentive bartenders in your fine establishment.
  • Rhode Island is worst at drug use. I've already used the "best at" joke so ... I got nothin'. 
  • North Carolina is worst at teacher salary. But ,we're on the road to competing in worst at school segregation, too, so we go that going for us. ~Kicks the ground in disgust.~
This one also via Gerry Canavan. So, if nothing else, this is probably as good a time as any for you add his site to your reader.
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