Thursday, January 20, 2011

NC GOP determined to waste tax dollars on unnecessary new laws.

The circus in Raleigh gets even more dangerous | BlueNC:
Current laws to stop voter fraud work. It’s already a felony to vote illegally in NC or to lie when you sign in to vote. Poll observers can challenge voters and ID must be shown to register in the first place. The extremely low rates of voter fraud in North Carolina make it clear that these existing laws are effective.

This is wasted money for an unnecessary law. A voter photo ID law will cost NC millions of dollars to implement at a time when we face a nearly $4 billion budget shortfall. What will we cut to pay for this law? New job development? Support for small businesses? School teacher positions? Public safety? Services for the elderly? Our state faces gut-wrenching budget decisions and we will have to make a choice.
BlueNC has a list of reasons, including and beyond the two highlighted above, it's important to contact your state legislator and Governor Perdue (1-800-662-7952) to express your opposition to this legislation.  
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