Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Gotta Believe (They must still have turnip trucks in Connecticut after all.)

You Gotta Believe — Spirituality — Utne Reader

A hardworking fellow and family man in a postindustrial factory town of a blue state, Steve does not come across as fanatical. Yet his adherence to raw belief—a position unassailable by factual counter-data—is more than an inherently dangerous American mind-set. It is a deadly challenge to the aim of humanism.
I expect better of my people, the Nutmeggers. The stuff this Steve character is parroting is for the rubes. Birtherism, Islamophobia, racism, willingness to bandy about the Hitler comparisons, creationism, wingnut conspiracy theories ... it amazes me someone so willfully ignorant is able to function in society.
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