Friday, January 28, 2011

Astronaut's Brother Recalls A Man Who Dreamed Big (An oral history of Ron McNair's journey.)

Astronaut's Brother Recalls A Man Who Dreamed Big : NPR:

Ronald McNair was one of the astronauts killed 25 years ago on Jan. 28, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. As his brother recalls, McNair's life was all about exploring boundaries — and exceeding them.
Heard Ron McNair's brother tell the story of how, as 9-year-old, Ron McNair went off on his own to his local library to check out some books. This was in South Carolina. South Carolina in 1959. He goes on to talk about how a few years later Star Trek inspired young Ron and how the Challenger was his Enterprise. It's story worth hearing as well as reading; the audio will be available online later today but I imagine NPR will play it again this morning.
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