Friday, January 28, 2011

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to disabled vets: "Screw you, assholes."

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Proudly Serving the 6th District of Minnesota:

Highlight is mine. Snipped from the PDF Rep. Bachmann helpfully provided on her website.

I’m against another increase of the government’s debt ceiling. Instead of making it easier for Washington to spend more of your tax dollars, I’m calling for Congress to do the hard work of making real and necessary cuts in federal spending. I have put the following list on the table for discussion and I’m calling on other members of Congress to do the same.
I'm wondering why she feels it's necessary to cut spending on care of disabled veterans, aside from the fact she has no respect for their service or sacrifice.

I can't spend the morning picking this apart, but I wonder why she felt the need to include "Repeal Obamacare" with no estimated numbers and a vague promise of "larger savings in later years." Oh boy, there's her education spending plan, too. Nice job, Minnesota. Thanks for unleashing this dangerous lunatic on the nation.
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