Friday, January 21, 2011

Cognitive dissonance in fandom.

Til the Last Hemlock Dies: Ditko in Opposition

"What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" (Image via Life)

And, in the end, Steve Ditko did teach me two important lessons, philosophically, that stuck with me from the times I was a kid and which echo now that I’m an adult:

He taught me that it’s important to be self-sufficient, and that one must take responsibility for one’s actions.

Those are two very good lessons, and universal ones. Those are things that transcend politics, and even the concepts of what is “good” and what is “right”.
Came across this link via Neilalien. While I'm not a big fan of comic books, Neilalien's point is well-taken, that there is ample opportunity for cognitive dissonance in being a fan of an artist. For example, I can appreciate religious, or religious-themed, art while thinking the artist is morally and/or intellectually hampered by a defective belief system. In music, as in writing, there are incredibly talented artists whose work is informed by, or expressive of, their (in my opinion, wrong-headed) religious and political beliefs.

And don't forget actors! It's easier to be a fan of Bruce Willis (as I have been since Moonlighting) by attempting to ignore any reference to his politics. It must be the same for conservatives with Alec Baldwin.
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