Thursday, December 2, 2010

The view of NC hoops from Wall Street

North Carolina's Basketball Dynasty -
In recent decades, North Carolina, a relatively rural state in the American South, has made a convincing case to be described by the following title: Basketball Capital of the World.
Yeah, fine, NC has some great college basketball history. But, did Dick Vitale ghost-write this? (The phrases "Diaper Dandy" and "Baby!" don't appear, so either it was heavily edited or it wasn't Dickie V.)  I just don't think I'm willing to cede the title to NC. It's my Big East country blood, I suppose. The still fresh memory of the dual National Championships for the Huskies in 2004 and the the UConn women's steady march towards breaking the UCLA consecutive win streak make me think that Connecticut has as much claim to the title as North Carolina. Now, true Connecticut doesn't have a pro team; however, do the Bobcats count?
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