Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parents not allowed to walk son with Asperger's to class to ease his separation anxiety

Parents not allowed to walk son into Johnston school ::

'He knew he wasn't going to have to jump out of the car and face the world by himself,' Christy Dawson said. 
The process worked well for several weeks until other parents started complaining.
Alligood then told the Dawsons that the school doesn't allow parents to walk their children to class to maintain school security. Other parents didn't like the special treatment given to the Dawsons, so Alligood said Jake could no longer get a daily escort to class.
The Dawsons said Alligood asked for a note from Jake's pediatrician, but when the doctor explained that getting walked to class would help reduce Jake's anxiety, they said the principal refused to budge from the policy.
The article doesn't include any comments from the parents who complained or the principal. However, at the risk of leaping to conclusions based on one side of the story ... WTF? Are people really so cruel and insensitive?
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