Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Car Smell Blamed in Hit-and-Run (It's a dirty, rotten lie!)

New Car Smell Blamed in Hit-and-Run -
Many drivers enjoy the so-called “new car smell,” a mix of volatile organic compounds that rise from the plastic, leather, cloth, wood and other interior components of cars fresh off the assembly line. The aroma is so popular that some companies even sell “new car smell” air fresheners.

But does “new car smell” have a dark side? More specifically, is it intoxicating?
Uh-oh. Guys, I've been running out every few hours to sit in my new car with the windows rolled up, breathing deeply the new car smell vapors. Is that wrong? It's worn off a little the last few days so I've been sticking my face in the glove compartment to savor the last few good huffs. Afterwards, I walk around the parking lot looking to see if anyone else has a new car with the temp tags still on. Everybody does that, right?
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