Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Terrence Lakin, 'Birther' Army Doc, Pleads Guilty

Terrence Lakin, 'Birther' Army Doc, Pleads Guilty:

Racist wingnut, Lt. Col. Lakin.
(Image via Newser.)

(Newser) – An Army doctor who refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he doesn't believe President Obama is the legal president of the United States pleaded guilty to one of two charges against him at a court-martial yesterday. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin—who became a hero of the 'Birther' movement after vowing to disobey what he called 'illegal orders' from a president he doesn't believe was born in the US—will face discharge and up to 18 months in jail, Stars and Stripes reports.
I'm all for principled objection to war; refusing to fight can be as heroic as anything done in the course of killing people. What this guy did though makes a mockery of the sacrifices of every conscientious objector *and* every soldier who serves honorably.
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