Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best Movies of 2010 - Flickchart

The Best Movies of 2010 - Flickchart: I haven't seen them all yet, not even Inception (#1), but Scott Pilgrim just came from Netflix and I did enjoy Kick-Ass and True Grit. I'd put the latter ahead of the former, but that's just me. My 2010 Flickchart looks a little rough, needs some more ranking work ... and where did that Sherlock Holmes (2010) I certainly didn't see (and never heard of) come from? (Quick IMDB search for plot details doesn't ring any bells?  Maybe this was a SyFy movie I shut off part way through? It certainly looks like garbage. Pretty sure I didn't rank this myself, so deleting it from the list, hoping it doesn't take the 2009 version with it in database confusion ...)
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