Friday, December 24, 2010

Cultural Learnings' Top 10 TV Series of 2010

My Top 10 TV Series of 2010 | Cultural Learnings:
I did a Top 15 shows as part of The A.V. Club’s Top 25 Shows of 2010 list – which is really fantastic, and features my writeups on United States of Tara and Cougar Town – earlier this month, so I technically thought about what my Top 10 was, but looking back on it I didn’t like it. Knowing that the list was going to be aggregated, I think I steered clear of series I knew didn’t have a chance, or at the very least ranked them lower than I might have otherwise, and the result was a list that wasn’t wrong so much as it was unrepresentative of a broader view of the year in television.
Sherlock didn't make the top series, but it did have a top 10 episode.

Image via Reviews from Baker St.

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