Friday, December 24, 2010

Ghost in the Machine reviews "True Grit."

West, End, Girl. - Ghost in the Machine:

Image via Ghost in the Machine

When is the remake of a movie classic actually a good idea? When the brothers Coen are at the helm. (Let's just say The Ladykillers is the exception that proves the rule.) Both laugh-out-loud funny and tinged with melancholy for the disappearing West, the brothers' impressive adaptation of True Grit feels like the unearthing of a forgotten piece of Americana, and it makes the 1968 Charles Portis serial from which both movies are based feel as quintessential an American coming-of-age story as To Kill a Mockingbird. Whether you love, hate, are indifferent or just oblivious to the John Wayne-Kim Darby-Glen Campbell version of 1969, this is one remake that's worth your time.
The Coens' True Grit didn't leap to the top of my list of favorite Coen Bros. movies, but it settled in nicely closer the top than the bottom, and that's mighty fine company. 
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