Friday, December 31, 2010

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2010 | The Nation

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2010 | The Nation:
In recent years progressives have been cautious about the Constitution. But after the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision freed corporations to use their immense resources to buy elections, two groups responded with aggressive challenges to the notion that businesses should enjoy the same rights as citizens. Free Speech for People, a campaign sponsored by Public Citizen, US PIRG, Voter Action, the Center for Corporate Policy and American Independent Business Alliance, seeks to counter the Court's move with 'a constitutional amendment of our own that puts people ahead of corporations.' (Representative Donna Edwards has introduced an amendment, with backing from outgoing Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers.) Another group, Move to Amend (with support from Progressive Democrats of America, the National Lawyers Guild and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, among others), proposes a broader 'multi-year movement to amend the Constitution' that would use state legislative resolutions to force Congressional action on 'democracy amendments' or schedule a constitutional convention.
I was thinking along the lines of an amendment to guarantee privacy rights, effectively an update to the 4th that takes into account modern technology.

Link via FriendFeed's Ayşe E.
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