Thursday, December 2, 2010

Using Craigslist to find stolen boats

Wake Forest company, police use Craigslist to find stolen boats ::
Police told Doty that if he recognized the boat, he should make the buy. That would be the officers clue to swarm in.

“I knew right away it was ours. It still had the Paddle Creek sticker on it,” Doty said.

A dozen hidden officers moved in with guns drawn. They surrounded the two men, who showed up to sell the boat.

The men, identified in search warrants as Garrett Michael Whitt, 22, and Zachary David Harris, 21, were taken into custody. Investigators said Harris told them about other stolen property being held in a rented storage facility and other items sold through Craigslist.
Listing title might as well be: "Here is an item, which I have stolen, that I am offering for sale right under the nose of its rightful owner hoping he doesn't notice. Please respond to this listing to arrange the time and place of my arrest."
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